In search of

sreedevi nair
Searching me, even yesterday
I thought of enemies.
Iwent alone where
The city lay dead like a sick dog.
Didn't find me.
Searched me in the market
Where carcasses were hung upside down.
Saw life trying desperately
To leave the last grip of breath
From the tip of the goat's sliced meat.
Saw the broiler chicken sitting impatiently
Awaiting the butcher,in their nest.
life must 've become so much bored
Only for the broiler chickens.
Never did i see me in
The government officials who came to
Gather the bones of the street that died
Slashing its guts.
Never did see me evenwhen
Reaching home and getting naked,
Hurried to make love.
Was it me who went by caressing me
Like a lightning?

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