Reds& blues

Aleena Aliina

I see them bloomed,gulmohars,

the magical gulmohars of Madhuban

 i look out of my  windows,& see them in red

reminding my cheeks, the last time

you made them red, pressing

your lips against..

Seasons recasted yellow and

deceased reticent, like my womanhood

sometimes my soul makes a wish,

to be a tree formed by, the seeds of

hatred and lust,gives you shelter

under its dark shadow, as your last resort.

May its roots pierce your eyes

which once made me blossomed & elated

those blue eyes, once my ocean, turned into

woods with dark, abstruse, melancholy shadows.

Transform me into the rains

tremendously powerful & lushly gleam

makes you breathless evoking those

deep kisses & nibbles..

Here I lay beneath my wedlock

feeling no tender touch as

you used to love me in the

banks of that cryptic wild spring.

May your divine glint

have the power to make the moon

subdue,I shall wipe my eyes

cursing you for all the seasons

you gifted in a single touch.

(inspired from "The descendants" of Kamala Das)

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