++The Song of India



“Loka smasta sukhino bhavantu!!”

Wished the Rishi.

Let all the whole be Ecstatic!

What an ambitious Ambition!

The Song of India!

How lovely, melodious the Tune!

How sweet the intuiting Tone!

No wonder, this Rhyme Indian!

“Satyam, Samatwam, Swatantryam”

Our breath fragrant, live and calm!!

My India, my own India;

The Great Treasury of vision and thought;

My Eternal Lute stringing the nth Note;

The Song of India!



Loka=the Universe

Smasta= the Whole

Sukhino= Ecstatic


Satyam= Truth

Samatwam= Equality

Swatantryam= Liberty

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