SALOMI JOHN VALSEN.
Words are unseen winds,
Which make us what and who we are.
Which make us feel, we are living to.
Love and even to lead us to the other end.
It leads us the eternal witness,
Of mean vices and wisdom.
It rarely witness compassion.
We are being fallen in pyre.
Mostly disappointed
 With vixen deeply wounded words.
Our radiant complaining and serene mind,
With involving risk of adopting an urchin,
Accept the words of our loved ones.
They throw the poisoned arrows
Of words with sharpen ends,
With great elation packed in a colored glittering arch.
Deliver it with unseen cruelty.
They stealthy wound us.
As a two edged sharpen sword.
At times we are empowered within.
The horrible manuscript oh the words,
You give us an abysmal world of sorrows.
You show us the passage.
But it leads us the mysterious aloneness.
An un attaining path of life
The wrong route afar
We fall into the deep unknown trench
Which they made for us deliberately?
Oh God! Why don’t you have merciful?
The symbolic power of words
Make our life biased and bilateral..
It revolts our mind and deeds.
We learn to control our senses
Through our solstice points of soul
We chant and murmur by words,
But we weep without ….
And sighs and sighs endlessly at sleepless nights.
Even a single word we hesitate to whisper as that.
Words scratch our soul
And leaving its refreshing scars
 Forever and ever…..
At times we lose our sanity.
Out of mind and out of our being.
Words slap the alignment
Of our sensed unknowingly and
Knowing without solution?
We search for an arch way
To get out of the maze which
Make by words abundant.
In the form of formless wind
Yep it gives us peace in the form
Of an unending war frontier
Oh God why you make words
As the form of swords?
The world is rotating in the axis of words
And the words are dangerously and
Venomously mould an un seen wind?

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