street alone

 winnie panicker

The street that lay in front of me, lay stretched

Into a foray of dreams that seemed unreasonable
And then the twinkling sparkles of thoughts
Dwindled within to tell me those dreams may be real.

In the wake of the hour when all seemed blue and hazy
In my vision, when all the things I could see only blurred and faded
Into some distance that I could not see
And then went away into a diminishing street that lay in front of me

Some thoughts that crossed my mind were just so reassuring
And some were pricking like thorns inside.
It was another myriad of a dream that seemed
Shaky and unreal, yet a hope that remained so tight inside

There was no one in sight in front,
The street that I was travelling suddenly became empty and
I walked alone with no one beside, and it was like a trance,
a state that I never wanted to feel, yet I was forced to undergo.

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