nisha g
 [The momentary love, the momentary happiness from it, it is something which leaves a heart to throb. One feels- it is love- but not. One feels- it is Joy- but not. Every emotion elusive? 'Blue bird’ here I've used is to symbolize this elusive happiness ...]
In the breeze, a bluish feather fell.
It kissed a xanthic flower on it's face.
Her yellow eyes, she lifted up to sky
Lo! She saw a blue bird on a wet tree.
Somehow she hid the puzzle in her eyes,
The stranger when he smiled to her.
Secretly he stared her through the night,
The girl spoke not, but her silence did it.
A single night blended their hearts tune
And he shared his thoughts with the girl.
A 'platonic love' grew in a sweet mood
All nature envied, even the broad sky…
He watched her dance in the warm wind,
Her fury on quarrels, the most he loved.
Ah! Freezing winter snow cruelly came,
The blue bird cried, "I have to part dear".
Next dawn she saw her mate fly far…
She watched it vanish in the fallow sky.
A blue feather again fell in the breeze
But skid away not to hurt her breast.
She hardly did see the white snow cover it. . .
She hardly did see the winter-apple blush…

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