Wondered once, little Lakshmi:
                  ‘Can we view our mind, Achacha?’
                   Bewildered me the eternal puzzle;
                   Still I tried to answer in vain!

                  For I know how hard the conundrum;
                  As the sky mute un-mute, true untrue!
                  Well, the vision the cinema, the dream;
                  So the sixth sense the transcending beam-
                  The X-Ray, the unseen, we have to deem;
                  The Feel that pierces deeper,
                  To glimpse even-not to comprehend-
                  The hue Immaculate!

                  But I explained to her thus: ‘My dear,
                  Where you keep the lessons you study,
                  The flower you see, the rhyme you hear;
                  The smile sorrow an’ all do come;
                  The whistling we perceive, does core
                  The whistle; the Whistler the Nebulizer
                  Is here, there, every where.’

                  She smiled- the meaningful-
                  Took the small whistle
                  (Yesterday I had bought one for her);
                  Blew it a thousand megahertz loud;
                  On and on as though the Space unbound
                  Infused and the echo banged
                 To be the Permeation fragrant!
                    Lakshmi=my grand daughter (ten year old)
                    Nebulizer=an instrument used for applying
                    a liquid in the form of fine spray. (Medical term)
                     The Space unbound=Akasha, Hridayakasha
                                                        (Indian Thought)

                 (This is from the author's recently published book
                      "THE WAVES OF THE GANGA")

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