This I need to tell you...


Sure I need to visit you.
As of the yestertime
and walk a while with you
hand in hand.
For I always fear
this may be the last time
that I see your eyes, live
listen to your words, fresh
feel your touch, warm.
And that keeps my love burning for you.
That I may lose you anytime, any moment.
A fond lover of death, Iam.
prone to succumb to his strange fancies.
anytime, any moment.
Trespasser of my silences,
companion of my violent passions,
who takes me along in his times of frantic follies
and leaves me to myself in meditative moods
Know that,
I always keep a tear handy
to save me from the boredom of happiness.
always keep a face in store
when everything else deserts me.
So for the time being
let me love you to nothingness
let me love you for nothing.

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