The reflection

Geetha Munnurcode
I looked at your illuminated face
To be admired and accepted. But….
Unwinding my thirsted speculations
You chose to drive me in, to absorb me
And the classic shape lines of my features…..
All the fineries of my soul and spirit……
Then swallowed all of me.

In an irrevocable instinct, I realize
My senses are swirling round to bouts of fits……
In the reflection……..
Against the hawk like face,
The eagle beak nose
And the jutting chin
Smiling dourly the crinkled lips
The sour eyes admonishing…..

Alas! In a moment’s scintillation
I could bounce at you, I am fortunate
That even on the peak of mounting agony
I could stamp and stab you
Yes, I’ve recovered myself
From the festooned cage!

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