As I fell in love!

Geetha munnurcode

In the simple facet of an
Unforeseen splash of a second
I fell in love!

I’ve been scarcely wise
And for sure, the least cautioned
So startling was that stimulus!
Strikingly awful!
In the passion I raced down
As the vulnerable spirits aroused
Swiftly drifting up
The emotional ladders swung
Zeroing into a lightness
With inspired compassion
Hitting the unconscious strategies
Torn and thrown a piece!

None ever detailed how and why
It has been a fall for sure
From atop a graceful throne
Leapt upside down
Gliding slowly first
Diving into, deep…
Deep and further
Into an emptiness
But of blissful joy …

As I fell in love
Felt joyfully hurt..
Leaving the scars
Of the residual pains
Yet, it’s indeed a fall!

This pain, but in love tranquilized
As if a passion- portrait on the heart
Casts that the nature abides by
The survival fits
From the wounds damped
The love and warmth of life
Are re-born!

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