Land of the Dead

Salomi John valsen
salomi john <>

This land, we call it the land of dead!

Here ends, the future, past and the futile present

We live to reach this ‘no man’s land’

Unknowingly we pass through centuries

To reincarnate, to suffer ever and ever

The seductive power of Nostalgia

And its mellow notes

The patina of emotions,

No holding on the sorrows

No more sorrow-tinged past

We just thrive for a worn out life

Its pitfall and perils

Strange, people call it our blessed life

Yet we navigate towards the God forsaken island

The land of the deserted

The land of the dead

We live the make believe life

Seductive, destructive though unreal

No holding on, yet we have it, live it and love it

We gaze inwardly and shrug off

Not knowing the indefinite end

Strange melodies frozen our heart

When we chart the path of life

We the dwellers, heartsick on…

The terrifying shades of dread past

Past haunts us as a fact file

Yet we insist on our weirdness

To intrude and ensure our maze

The one and only oracle – death!

Life is a juncture, the one and only juncture

Which we have travelled long enough

Through the uncanny depth of rocky canyons,

We honored, revered and we have been wounded

Yes it is destiny, we baptize it

And holding it calling by a torn name – fate!

This we call life… our life, the dark damp life

Sweet and sour

Mellow notes of unsung tragedies

Caress me like an innocent impotent

Who weeps and whims oneself

I swear, it is the time

To land on the ‘no man’s land’

Where time and space stand still

It is the time where time stops

To put the final feeble step

To enter and embrace the land of eternity

Yes, I see the land of dead not afar,

The loved ones are waiting with a snow-laden smile

Let me lean over their loving but cold shoulders

The land of dead welcomes me…

With the gossamer wings with an ephemeral silence

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