I Wish…

Geetha Munnurcode

Lent the life and lust
Of your eyes
To look at things
Penetrate, dig out
Assimilate and absorb
Then reflect into a stream
May as a brilliance it spread!

Opened up, exposed
The itching diaphragm
Of your ears to
The vibrant waves a-new
Let those resonate
Into the heart, may it leap!

Left what attained
To storm the brains;
But, do protect the scalp
That shelters the huge inspirations
Shacking your head,
Like a gallant black hole
 May it suck what comes on the way;
Then denser,  it may sink…!
The invisible face of nature
Be it cast on the inner screen.

Revived the spirits
Let your head radiate
The luminescence into
Your tongue,
Flash those as
The words fused with
Tenderness and brilliance;
To the world to glow and rejoice!

May your hands and heels
Exhilarate, and then accelerate
With a love spilling heart
And tremendous goodwill
That would back you up.
May the imprints of your existence
Prove immortal!

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