Inner world

                      salomi john valsen
As a living being
Me too have an inner world..
Me too have a hard hitting tale…
It makes me to stay away and lost.
From the manifold masquerade
of the mimic crowd….
Where I happen to be
Merging into
the faceless mask.
Me too be the slave of the
Stark realities of life,
 That lost the poor, pure
Identity, with uncountable reason,
Which I call wrong reasons…
I wept because…..
Am the slave of somebody’s diktat.
It all made me a mess of life…
Standing alone in the masthead of it,
I expect and yearn..,
The soft and soothing touch
of a Messiah….
With a brazen gaze…..and
Stinging pain…am
Walking in to the life
Like a grotesque groggy………..!

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