Elegant formula

                                        Salomi  john   valsen                                   

I feel scared and abandoned.
Why I lived in a lone crypt..?
I wish to run away from this faceless crowd.
I feel they are ghosts from DEVINE hell.
Who extinguished from heaven.
They wander wildly to catch me
And instigate me to make one among them.
Like a hornet they follow me.
To wound me and end me with
The poison tinted stings.
The world around me looks
Damn sharp and horrible.
I wept feebly with swollen eyes.
I feel am get caught into a tavern.
Horrible souls were roaming and dancing.
No human around.
 No more homeless ghosts.

 Faded flowers whisper for nothing.
Yep, I could feel none get intruded.
Where there is no chance to get bloomed.
I love to live a life of ghost
Who has any vanity to be show..
No more people to meet and cheat.
With soulless bodies no one has to make blabber.
No more to eat, drink and dance.
No one would make meaningless brouhaha.
Oh why I should wish to be homebound?
I hate this super duper class living.
I even wish if I could be hard into a strong rock.
I can hear their vulgar screaming.
They call it laughter and merry making.
The wet smell of bubbling wine
Make me fearful and feel void.
If ever I find to be at the far end
It may be the last rite of my life.
The be gone moment of a near death feeling
Which for centuries long ………
I swear my body amassing for nothing but death.

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