The Celestial Breath


The Mystic Fire- Agni-;
Is blazing;
Since the Big Bang;
The Inspiration;
The Creation;
The Expansion to the Infinite.

Inhaling the Air-
Absorbing Oxygen;
Expiring CO2; the Exchange Great;
The Expiration.

Defining the Scientist
The breathing thus;
The inspire-expire Continuum-
The Action-Reaction-
Equal and Opposite;
The First Law;
Of the Conundrum.

The Plant does the same;
Saying the Botanist;
In the opposite direction;
Setting the Reaction;
As Action;
For the blossoming Creation.

The wheeling Time;
The Action-Reaction;
Smiles the Rishi;
Proclaims the Scientist;
Sings the Poet;
The tranquilizing Ecstasy;
The Celestial Breath;
The Knowing;

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