The Eternal Fragrance

  A.K.Sreenarayana Bhattathiri
(Translation of the poem ''Nithya Sourabham of  Lalithambika Antharjanam)


Beyond the memory lane
from where you came silently
the creator of my fortunes
like the charm of the morning,
You stood before me
possessed from a thousand and one springs
Your smile, and immaculate fragrance
you transferred into my life
through the petals of the roses, before me
Was I a little haughty while
deeply engaged in
The innate spontaneity of thy creativity?
Did I take the seep of thine
infinite boon
my own merit?
When eyes filled with sweet dreams
Pearly smiles
Ruby cheeks
Danced around the image of my desires
in your Rhythmic songs.
when I recognised you the Abundant Universe,
found me the active world
please excuse!


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