winnie panicker

There is a hallow of air around me,
and moisture filled atmosphere,
through which I breathe and feel
a mellowness of coolness, pampering
cuddling like a soft pillow on me,
The coolness seeps into me like a soft
Sponge filled with sugary sweetness.

Streaks of light, fluorescent and colourful
Purple, orange and blue,
Flickered through my eyelids
And then there was transition of phase,
And lapse in time...

Two drops of tears fell onto my hand,
And wept through the lines of fate
I held your hand tight
the variant lines of fate joined and cracked
as though in fortune and wrinkled.

On the road ahead there were boulders and rocks,
Stones and pebbles
And our lines of fate became stronger,
A suffocation of dependence and then tears again...
Pelted down as though you couldn’t let go...

Then the lights streaked again and there was transition
And change in the path well lain, but tough to climb
We climbed, searching a new destination,
On the peaked mountain,
I remember whispering these words,

“There might be boulders and stones
that roll over from the cliff,
but I will hold you firm throughout the journey
making sure you don't slip a step”

And once again the transient lights flickered,
now waking me up into a confused state,
heavy, yet light, in a state of frenzy, cool,
lightened emotions...

Transience, towards the future, a dream...
The reality forecasted...

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