janthayile Sundari : A Feast for Readers


Ajanthayile Sundari , a criticism by Sheeja Murali offers a literary treat
to book lovers. It showers down like honey droplets into the heart of the
readers. The author has adopted a writing style which expresses the devine
beauty of emotions.
Anand, who is a writer of moral lessons, writes with the aim
that law and justice should be parallel to each other. Sheeja Murali reminds
the readers that Anand’s ethical jurisprudence is much essential in modern
human society through her first review writings. Sheeja Murali reveals by
pointing to Anand’s thoughts that justice for humanity in the legal executive
establishment is more important which on other hand keeps arguing for
evidences which does not even exist. It is very essential to bring substantial
changes in the legal establishment which has been formed not to protect the
vested interests of individuals dealing with it. Sheeja Murali analyzes the
importance of literature in dealing with matters of law and justice.
When the author examines the poems of Prof. V G Thampy, who is
enthroned as the poet of feminine spirituality, she could recognize in his
poems the fact that a feminine touch is imprinted in each and every organism
in the universe. Through this the author kindles the candle of knowledge and
awareness in the hearts of readers. The critic reveals the poet’s visions on
feminine spirituality and unveils it to the readers like a statue of
reality. The critic visualizes Prof V G Thampy as a self soul seeker with wounded

The critic presents the romantic and graceful aspects of O N V
Kurup’s poems without even spilling a single drop of natural beauty and
splendor which the poet has blanketed in his poems. The poems of O N V is
like light waves entering into the darkness of solitude. Lifting the waves of
patriotism, the poet fondles the music of soul.
The insight into the novel Adujeevitham , which is best seller in
Malayalam language, is with her own experience in the desert land.
Adujeevitham is written by Benyamen who is a talented novelist from
Diaspora literary world. The author has completed her ten years of expatriate
life. So she could reveal the real face of desert which on unveiling appears as
a wild lone land.
While analysing the poems of Sugathakumari, a poetess who casts
the shadow of sorrow through her poems, Sheeja Murali’s words also
imbibes similar sorrow as of the poetess. The author explains how the
emotions of night rain have penetrated into her mind and took over her
emotions like a grieved or insane woman. In the pros which deal with
praising the characters of Madhavikkutty, the author justifies that
Madhavikutty was keen in expressing different faces of women in her
The bruises of colonization is well recorded in Josantony
Kureeppuzha’s novelette Creek which is written by heart touching words
and through this the author puts his signature in the literary world. In the
study of the above novelette Creek, Sheeja Murali showcases before the
readers the sorrow struck face of Layali, the central character in Creek,
whose life itself portrays an unhealed wound in a woman’s body. The author
displays the wounded thoughts and feelings of a modish woman and presents
it before the reader like pearl strings.

Sheeja Murali criticizes the visual media in the same way as literature
through her microscopically screening critical views. By the comparison
studies of Paleri Manikyam novel and cinema, she adores T P Rajeevan’s
writing skills , the competence of Renjith to direct and Mammutty’s talent
to act.
Sheeja Murali presents Sara Joseph’s Shelter as a guide to the
scientific world. Sara Joseph’s has penned down the grievances of scientific
society through her novel shelter. Sheeja Murali has been living with poems
from child hood days onwards. Sheeja Murali is known as Nanda Devi as a
poet and her native place is Chowwannoor near to Kunnamkulam, Thrissur
dist. She is a genius gift of the desert to Malayalam literary world.

P B No 64506,
Sharjah , U A E

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