My Reminiscence

dr.k g balakrishnan experience

''Within say 2 months 
I got more than 2000 reviews 
from US, UK, & various 
countries of the

(Including India- not 
from much Malayalees). 
They claim that 7 million people
are following the portal
My Reminiscence

 Strange the experiences are! -For me, as a writer and as a doctor. Here, intends to write the reminiscences as the author of my forth coming (April 2012) book, The Waves of the Ganga. (120 English poems, 192 pages, Lakshmi Books, Thrissur- 680702)
  The poems I wrote as a re-creation of some of my Malayalam poems. (10 collections I
have published- about 500 poems). My wife, Mrs.K.J.Lalitha is my publisher. We felt that would be more convenient. Firstly, we need not depend on anyone. Production,
may be made excellent and quick. The other secrets I am not divulging at present. We can come to the point. I uploaded the poems to The site is very famous internationally. It is exclusively for poetry. Result (feedback) was astonishing. With in say 2 months I got more than 2000 reviews from US, UK, & various countries of the Globe. (Including India- not from much Malayalees). They claim that 7 million people are following the portal. The wonder is that my poems are the most appreciated and discussed at present in the site! Not only that, I am their Legendary Poet& The Topmost Poet,  my poems are of the greatest esteem! I am having 100s of writer friends from all over the world!
    See, at present, they say I am the most popular writer (Poet) among them. Am receiving 100s&100s of comments&commends! Really they are celebrating Poetry&
Literature! How much consideration, respect they bestowed! April is their National poetry month.
About my book-
The Waves of the Gaga- 4 chapters-30 poems in each chapter-
1.      The Rhymes unsung 2. The Rhythm lingering 3. The Quietness audible 4. The Echo perceived.
          This is part of a larger book. I intend to write right from pre Vedic India to
the present India. Also of all knowledge. Am continuing the work. Posting the poems daily, getting listed, published, reviewed also archived!
         The book will be available from the end of this month. (Rs.200/)

the silent song

dr. k g balakrishnan

I would like to string,
The Song silent;
I would like to sing,
The fragrant!

To get dissolved into
The eternal mute,
To be the celestial note,
The pulsing spelling heart!

Chilly the moonlight,
Transparent the sight,
The knowledge,
To the mum-ness,
The perpetual emptiness!

Hot the sunlight,
Haste, lust, excitement!

As though,
The Butter in milk,
The heat in the air,
Churning is the way!

From the nil, the Full,
The silent song!

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