'Thecchi poovinte Kritharthadha' by
Lalithambika Antharjanam
translation: A.K. Sreenarayana Bhattathiri

Born in a corner of a wild lurchy shrub
Never I was looked after,
All alone brought up
No one waited for the first sprout in me
Nor did anyone to grieve for me
I'm no jasmine to adorn the locks of damsels
Nor a lily to get the clasp of tender hands
Never a sliding wink
Fell on my chink.
I dared the cruel snobs,
suffered the snubs of 'gentle folks'
But fared well in the hands of 'herbocurians'
Yet I have the smile of nascent blossoms
On my face of youthful jollity
I have only that heart overflowing with nectar
In the meddled petals and a feeble fragrance.
I never fell to the flatteries of the hungry honeybees
Yet feed them as much
And lo! they also come
Who ignored me at first!
The petals of my flowers
I shed at the feet of Mother Nature
With all the humble musings
And empathetic music
I deck the paths of the trodden
Who hold me in their bosom?
And all I wish to have is to get my life some use
To all who are born
Unto the world!
I behold,
I pray for solace
And good will,
will come.
In the labyrinth of the thorny bush
Humbly do I stand
With a truthful fraternal love to offer
For which I suffer
And that's my solace !


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