I was chained…..

                  Geetha munnurcode
I am born as a girl,
And so I’ve been chained!

My ways were barricaded
With iron thorny fences
And my doors were shut in caution…..
The curtains swung on to my face
Neither swaying in a comfortable breeze
Nor letting the rays of hope in….

Everything around seemed to say
‘Stop, this is your limit.’

The very beginning glow of light
As an infant I perceived
Drilled pores in my stature
Pointing my limitations
My confidence shattering
I kept cursing…. , “I am a girl…..”

Oh! How harsh it was to get trained
That I would stride and slide away myself
From hungry vultures and wolves,
That I would keep in safe custody
Of whatever precious things I posses,
That I could smash the polished pretensions
Of those near me to captivate me,
That I would choose and act righteously
In every step with mounting pressures…

The nightmares have been my bed mates….
The sufferings my day loads……
Whenever I felt myself unsteady
I cursed the day I was born……….

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