“An Introduction to Kerala Studies” – The first reference cum Text book on Kerala

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Book Description

This Book on Kerala offers students up to date information on a state of exceptional
importance and interest located on the southernmost part of India. 100 professors and
authors drawing from their experience have contributed 85 chapters in varied subjects.
The chapters are clear, thought provoking and serve as a thorough introduction
to history, culture, anthropology, sociology, philosophy, politics, language and
literature, religions, economics, developmental studies, international studies, tourism,
environment, biodiversity and ecology of Kerala, a scenic region in India, worth for
exploration, study, research and root tourism.

Target Readers

The International Institute for Scientific and academic Collaboration has been working
with professors and experts from all over the globe to put together a book on Kerala
called “ An Introduction to Kerala Studies”, this book will serve three purposes:

The first is to educate second generation Keralites living outside Kerala about their home
culture and society. There are an estimated two million non-resident Keralites living
outside Kerala. For their high school and college age children, this book will introduce
the rich legacy and complex culture of their ancestral land.

Secondly the book is intended to inform foreign students who are interested in South
Indian culture, which could be especially helpful if they plan on traveling to Kerala
during study abroad tour. This will serve as a valuable reference book on a region where
no such suitable book currently exists. It can also be used as a text book in institution of
higher education for courses such as Indology, South Asian Studies etc.

Thirdly, the book will serve as the basis for introducing course on Kerala studies in
identified US/Foreign universities during summer months for the benefit of Malayalee
Diaspora. Already universities in NewYork, New Jersey and Chicago agreed in principle
to introduce such courses with the support of Malayalee communities in US. Our institute
has already established faculty-led Kerala studies programs with Kerala since 2009.
Please visit our web site www.iisac.org for course content and syllabus.

Authors and subjects

The book is comprised of a series of articles covering a vast array of topics that serve
to give an overview of the entire region of Kerala. A team of experts constituted
the Editorial team headed by Prof. Dr. J.V Vilanilam, former vice chancellor of
Kerala University. A team of experts constituted the editorial team headed by Prof.
Dr. J.V Vilanilam, former vice-chancellor of Kerala University. The contributors
are internationally known experts, professors and researchers in Kerala studies. The
topics covered include: History, Society, Culture and Religions; Biodiversity and
Agriculture; Politics and Economy; Education and Health Practices; Print and Visual
Media, Language, Literature and Personalities; Diaspora studies, Kerala’s International
contributions; and Tourism studies. Each section is additionally broken down into
individual topics that are key elements of what makes Kerala so different from other
Indian states. The book carries 85 chapters in two volumes of 1200 pages.

The world renowned writer, speaker, diplomat and an authority on India studies Dr.
Sashi Tharoor is giving the introduction chapter while Dr. Rajasekharan Pillai (Advisor
to Kerala govt. on higher education and VC of Indira Gandhi University) is giving the
foreword for this unique book on Kerala. Dr. Babu Paul is giving “Afterward” for the
book. Please visit the web site of the book www.bookonkerala.com.

Pre-publication release
The pre-publication release of the book was done by the hon. Chief minister of Kerala
at Thiruvanathapuram on December 30, 2011. The first edition will reach over 5000
families, businesses and academic institutions all over the world. Also we plan to
distribute 1000 copies to libraries world wide. The second edition of the book will follow
shortly after getting the public/academic responses of the book and our ultimate aim to
make the book available for every Malayali Pravasis family all over the world.

Book review

“The makers of this book have done a commendable job in bringing together the
expertise, scholarship and experience on Kerala from all over the globe that the book
truly becomes a global and universal one. The logical and progressive organization of the
book in to various thematic sections and selection of chapters at the introductory, middle
and advanced levels make the book appealing and existing of all categories of readers-
the layman and the learned alike. Each page of the book, with enthralling pictures and
figures very well capture the enchanting beauty and unravel paradoxical magic of Kerala
that every Malayalee can treasure”.

*malayalasameeksha news service .

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