Mind the lake,
                      The waves transcending,
                      The truth illuminating
                      The seventh sense,
                      The ecstatic wink,
                      The nonsense!

                      The breeze humming
                      The eternal note,
                      Its mission,
                      The tune the love,
                      The blood-red breath,
                      Fragrant mute!

                      The spell chanting
                      The silence,
                      The petals of the moonshine,
                      The lips sweet,
                      The eyes cute,
                      The word soothe,
                      The palms cool an’ smooth!

                      O my Inmost, In an’ out,
                       In the vastness of the sky,
                       As the unending,
                       The n-dimensional wonder,
                       The ill-defined,
                        Waving the enigma,
                        The energy-matter-continuum,
                        The multi-verse!

                        The supersonic,
                        The dream,
                        The speed, the velocity,
                         Unimaginable, the length
                         As the time,
                         Meek and splendid!

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