In the cradle, when I first cried
When I opened my tiny eyes,
The first person before me was you.
I grew up; your thoughts grew up with me
Daily in the eve, I waited for you.
You never came you always hided from me.
Hoped I, you never heard my call
Desperately I thought, because poor am I.
Days passed by, I was in my death bed
That eve, I lit the lovely lamp for you.
None in the house, I was all alone.
But a pussy cried loud "mew, mew"
All on a sudden soft knock at the door
You stood before me, a smile on your lips?
 I hugged you and drew you close to me,
 With all emotion, my heart bet aloud
Without a word you turned back'
I called you, but you pretended not to hear
When I heard again the 'mew' of my pussy,
Realised I this, to be a momentary dream……..
Woke up from my lost lovely dream       
Noticed I, my lips were quivering
A darkness hid my eyes, still I saw you;
I gasped for breath, my heart trembled
God, at last you came to me…
Ah! Almighty! alas! alas!
But you came to me

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