The Slipping-

dr.k g balakrishnan

            At times my mind, I feel;
            Slipping unto a whirlpool;
            I don’t know, what happens;
            After that; o the heavens;
            Moonshine, the eternal gardens;
            Breezing love, euphoric impressions;
            The depth deepening; widening width;
            -The never-ending lengthening length.

            Confusing, echoing, baffling, bewildering;
            Circling, waving and weaving; oscillating;
            The Niagara, the Everest, the horizon faring;
            The sun, moon, stars and the space spacing!

            Full of music melodious;
           Colors and hues;
           Glorious the dais;
           O Mom, where am I?

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