The Australian Plant

DR k g balakrishnan            
  I don’t know its name;
            For, in Darwin, am alien;
            Still we have become friends;
            It soothes me with celestial coolness;
            Its sprout, leaf, the bluish flower;
            Quiet new to me the foreigner.

            I wonder, it identified me;
            As a fellow being and we;
            Yes “we”; are now the one;
            Perpetuating the ultimate One!

            We have no religion;
            Cast creed or region;
            We the cute creation;
            Not by a creator;
            But by the swirling passion!

            I think it knows; me the poet;
            For we interact pleasing quiet;
            It does offer me the breath sweet;
            Scenting the thought; 
           -Disinfecting the hypocrite.

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