O My Love!,The pilgrimage

dr k  g balakrishnan 

O My Love!
In thy silence eternal, I sip;

The soft harmonious tune-clip;

The voice perfumed mute;

The pleasant appealing cute!

O my lovely delightful sweet,

The tuneful You are, how me suit!

O my intangible, blooming incessant,

Embrace me to the ecstatic empowerment!
 The Pilgrimage

               My eternal mission, 
               To assimilate unto you; 
               O my immaculate hue, 
               The Ultimate un-spelled; 
               The Ocean, the Mount, 
               The deepening Haunt, 
               The hallucinating vision! 
               Tracking the tricky path; 
               Stepping up the pinnacle; 
               Stringing the bluish note; 
              Dreaming the wondrous truth! 
              The earth drawing circles, 
              Since the time dinging one; 
              Till the clock drumming last; 
              Which is the dusking beat? 
             O the automatic, the self-driven! 
              Lead me to the right; 
              Permeate me to your might; 
              Nebulize me to the ecstatic heaven! 

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