Dr k g balakrishnan
                      It was the Guru that gave me 
                      The ever-blossoming Flower; 
                      The Fragrance that does shower; 
                      The dreaming conciliatingHue! 
                      Little Lakshmi baffling me 
                      With her innocent doubt; 
                      Where from the ant does come? 
                      Whether it has got a home? 
                       Grandpa Grandma an’ mom; 
                       Also an AC bed-room! 
                      How does it come to know? 
                      That her Pappai has come 
                      FromAdelaidewith sweets, 
                      Specially rather only for her! 
                      I wonder often the same; 
                      To the Guru with no shame; 
                      If I ask someone, they blame; 
                      What does this old fool mime! 

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