Salomi John Valsan
To bid adieu forever…
To reach the far end of this planet
Which is totally unknown..?
Life, in its entirety and splendor
Devouring like a ghastly accident.
As the hangman waits for the contemned
We are waiting patiently for the last
And only call from afar...
Waiting and waiting for the
Dooms day process is something
Like a downward force
Which pushes us to the abyss of silence.
Life is something plunged straight from
The whirlwind to the oasis.
Yep..we live to attain the
Moribund and hilarious turn of events.
At times we the helpless creatures
Feel spent and fed up of the spiritual poverty.
Yet we love this far stretched putrid life….
Like the trespasser waits stealthy to enter the forbidden land
Without  a Boarding  pass….
With  brazen gaze and deserted hope……!

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