Salomi john valsen.

Life is not simple as that..

One has to wait, wait and waitear

Until he comes, the Leviathan..

Universe, the hyper humanity groping....

 At an empathic, empty emotional epigraph.

And with great arrogance and vanity

They call themselves " SUPERCLASS"

As it happens on the life of an abandoned

For them too life is a hilarious turn of events...

Plunge straight from the vortex of love and hatred.

Super scribbled are their thoughts and

It revered by means of many techie devices,

which makes them de-wise

Physically being there and mentally afar all through

Makes one live a life as a la mode...

We wish, if we could ward off all evils

In which we the helpless ones cremated...

And wish to wither off to eternity...

To clad on a dark damp black carpet...

To cover eternally  our mordant physical, chemical body mass.

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