Waiting for Poetic justice

 Chandramohan  s
Many souls died of starvation,
the kith and kin could have
been fed some morsels of Justice.

Orators at the crematoriums
at Kilvenmani,Sherpur,Tsunduru ,Karamchedu
promise prefaces of fairness
to edited volumes of history.

What was it took away life from Vilas Goghre?
What was it that tightened the noose around his neck?

Justice is
a posthumous honor
lost in between the lines
of an appended obituary.

Every year
We light a candle on their living wounds
on the dead souls
through editorials of newspapers
in straight lines of indifference.

Justice was maimed and cremated
stench of writhing souls
lingers around a tombstone
that was never there.

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